Pricing for weddings

Weddings are what we do best as they require the most attention to detail and professionalism, we strive to offer the best wedding entertainment available and offer several different packages for you to choose from.

With our Wedding packages, you will have us for the entirety of the day, we do not charge by the hour meaning you will NEVER receive a bill from us after the event for "extended hours." Typically we arrive 2-3 hours prior for set up, are there for the duration of the wedding, and will need on average an hour for tear down afterwards.

Additional travel fees may apply. Pricing is subject to travel within Onslow County, If your wedding is outside of this area, please
call 910 459 9568

Basic Wedding Package

What you get:
The basic wedding package comes with set up for 3 locations, ceremony, cocktail hour, and the main room/reception. 

I provide you with sound equipment so your audience can hear you and your choice of music, a lapel mic for the officiant, Groom and Bride (if wanted) as well as 2 wireless microphones to be used as backup or used for a vocalist.

Cocktail hour:
I provide you with a high-quality speaker that provides background music of your choice to keep your guests entertained while they mingle.

 Dinner hour:
(If separate from your reception) You will receive a speaker to provide background music while your guests eat, as well as a wireless microphone for people to give toasts. If your reception and dinner hour are in the same room you will have the same, except have the larger sound system and microphones.

Introductions are the best way to set the atmosphere for a wedding after the ceremony.  We offer a fun way to embrace the crowd and welcome them to the venue, creating a fun and entertaining environment. Ask how we can make introductions even more fun!

Dancing Hour(s):
Our main setup consists of high-end quality sound that captures the audience's attention. Guests can request music right from
their tables by using a QR code that we place on each table. See
our videos here!

special lighting for the DJ booth and one special location, such as a head table, table of honor, cake table, etc.

Send off:
If you choose to have a grand exit, we will provide you with a speaker, music, and a professional quality bubble machine (if wanted)

Classic Wedding Package
(Most Popular)

With the Classic Package, you get everything included in the Basic Package but add room-filling high-end lighting. (See picture)

When upgrading to the Classic Package you receive room-filling, up lights that can be customized to the colors of your wedding.

 We also control the amount of light you will see, for example, during dinner hour it's recommended to have a dimmer more romantic feel. During the reception (party hours) we can also make the lights dance to music and change colors based on the feel of the music.

When you add up lighting to a room it makes your venue look amazing and adds that wow factor.

Also, you will get ONE FREE add-on from the list below:

Bubble Machine (If the venue allows)

Fog Machine (If Venue Allows)

Premium Wedding Package

The Party Pack includes everything in the Basic and Classic packages but adds many more effects to make your reception feel more like a club.

We break out the big toys and provide you with a wide array of club-quality lighting that includes:

-Fog Machine (if allowed by your venue)
-Laser lights
-Moving head spotlights
-Enhanced dance floor lighting
-LED Glow sticks for 100 people (like pictured)
-Bubble machine for dancing or send-off (if wanted)
-Overhead trussing used for lighting, fog machines, projectors, laser
  show and much more.

A Standard Monogram is included in this package.  

If you are interested in an animated monogram it will only be an additional $50!

This package is only recommended for events that want to have a high-end club-like feel on the dance floor and/or for events that have 250+ people in attendance

NOTE: We will need extra time in the venue for setup and tear down, also we would need to contact the venue to make sure they will accommodate the extra equipment before booking if it is a venue we have not yet entertained at in the past.

Band Duo - Great for small weddings and cocktail hour

Call for pricing

A duo from our band can be the perfect addition to a small wedding or cocktail hour, offering a delightful blend of intimacy and musical sophistication. Imagine the scene: as guests arrive for the ceremony or during the cocktail hour, soft melodies from a guitarist and vocalist create an inviting ambiance, setting the tone for a memorable event.

For a small wedding, the duo provides a personal touch, enhancing the emotional resonance of your special day. With a repertoire that spans genres from classic ballads to contemporary favorites, they can tailor their setlist to reflect your unique style and preferences, ensuring that every moment feels curated and meaningful.

During cocktail hour, the duo transitions seamlessly, maintaining a relaxed yet engaging atmosphere. Their acoustic performance allows guests to mingle and converse comfortably while enjoying the music as a backdrop. Whether it's romantic ballads for a wedding or upbeat tunes for a lively cocktail hour, their versatility ensures they can adapt to the mood and energy of the occasion.

Moreover, a duo is compact and versatile, fitting well into smaller venues or outdoor settings where space may be limited. Their presence adds a touch of elegance and charm, elevating the overall experience and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Choosing our duo for your small wedding or cocktail hour means adding a layer of musical sophistication and intimacy that enhances the ambiance and creates cherished memories for you and your guests.

Full band for weddings

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Adding a full band to your wedding can elevate the celebration to an unforgettable experience, infusing every moment with energy, excitement, and a vibrant atmosphere. Imagine the impact as your guests are greeted with the infectious rhythm and soulful melodies of a complete ensemble, setting the stage for a night of celebration and joy.

A full band brings a dynamic presence to your wedding reception, catering to diverse musical tastes and ensuring everyone finds something to groove to. From soulful ballads for the first dance to high-energy hits that keep the dance floor packed all night long, the band's versatility and extensive repertoire promise a personalized soundtrack for your special day.

Beyond music, a full band enhances the overall ambiance and entertainment value of your wedding. Professional musicians bring not only skillful performances but also stage presence and charisma that engage and captivate guests of all ages. Their ability to read the crowd and adapt their setlist ensures a seamless flow of entertainment that resonates with your guests and keeps the celebration vibrant and lively.

Moreover, the presence of a full band adds a touch of grandeur and sophistication to your wedding festivities. Whether indoors in an elegant ballroom or outdoors under the stars, their live performance creates an immersive experience that enhances the magic and romance of the occasion.

Choosing to include a full band in your wedding plans is more than just adding music—it's about creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy that reflects your love story. It's a decision to elevate your wedding day into an extraordinary event that you and your guests will cherish forever.