Outdoor Theater Pricing

Additional travel fees may apply. Pricing is subject to travel within Onslow and Jones counties, If your event is outside of this area please call 910 459 9568

Outdoor movie night pricing

What you get:

-Setup and teardown from our team member
-Premium sound system designed for clarity and deep theatre sound.
-4k projector.
-Dream Entertainment team member on-site during the event.

What's needed from you:

-Access to power from a home or building (no generators allowed)
-Depending on location you may need to apply for an "amplified sound permit" (depending on how loud you would like it to be)
-If renting for a community event you may need to look into copyright laws.
-Strong internet access for our system to stream from, if not directly connected to an HDMI source.

kids sitting on the roof of a truck while watching a movie on large screen in their front yard
large inflatable screen next to a two story house for size refrence